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Thuốc giải độc gan Sobrenix – Anti-Alcohol

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Đặt thông báo cho sản phẩm: Sobrenix - Anti-Alcohol & Alcohol Support Supplement | All-Natural Liquid Formula for 2X Absorption | Kudzu, Milk Thistle, B Vitamins & More - $34.00


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Sobrenix is a fast-acting and all-natural anti-alcohol & alcohol support supplement in liquid form. Rather than a capsule that can take an hour to digest, liquids get to work right away and absorb in minutes so you can use Sobrenix before drinking, or before attending a social situation that’ll…

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Thuốc giải độc gan Sobrenix – Anti-Alcohol
Thuốc giải độc gan Sobrenix – Anti-Alcohol

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using the product for a week and can feel the difference. I’m surprised that it helps me sleep too, not to mention the reason I purchased it was to curb my alcohol cravings during the week. I’ve reordered it and plan to make it part of my daily supplements.

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  2. beermoney23

    I have struggled with drinking too much since I was probably about 14… Not only is this all natural… But it worked immediately the first day that I tried it. I love my beer and it just made it taste not very good and completely reduced my cravings. I’m getting tons of stuff done around my house because I’m not sitting outside drinking…If anyone is struggling with alcohol I highly recommend this product! Try it!!!

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  3. richardseymour123

    My 66 year old dad has been drinking every day since he was 16 years old. He got to the point where he needed a pint of whiskey. The turning point was when we found he fell over in his front lawn and was so drunk he couldn’t get up. I googled best ways to quit drinking and considered hiring a counselor to visit him. He told me he just wanted to spend more time with his family, he hates doctors and all the other medical money hungry leaches in this world. He didn’t need my help. I ordered this and another pill form of what appears to be the same thing. This came in the mail faster. I set one next to his alcohol and one on the counter and told him I wouldn’t make him take it. I told him quitting wasn’t easy and this wouldn’t make him quit, it would just help him drink less, it was all natural(he is a stubborn man that hates drugs and pills- go figure). The next day, I visited with him, we ended up having a great day and went to the beach after i was done with work. He told me tried Sobrenix, he only had a couple shots(which he seemed guilty about), and I could tell he didn’t have a whole pint, and he wasn’t in withdrawal. I am so glad I was able to find something that helped. To me, a day with my sober dad not experiencing withdrawal was priceless.

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  4. paul

    I struggled to quit drinking for 3 years and failed. 60 days after I started taking this I am sober and have been for 3 months now. Anytime I have a craving I take some and just wait, after 15 minutes my cravings go away.

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  5. Greg T.

    So I am the type of guy that has tried for years to cut back on beer. Average of 4 to 8 per evening. I have tried everything, even rehab. This, along with Kudzu Root extract and Mitadone (extra strength) (bought all from Amazon) has been a pure God send for me. After a week and a half or so, I no longer have the 4pm cravings and the car doesn’t automatically drive to the liquor store after work anymore. I have been on the products for a month and feel so much better, even exercising now. If there is anyone in my shoes, I would say definitely give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Greg

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  6. rb5671

    I have tried several ways to quit with little success. I was sceptical about this product but i tried it because it has good reviews. I can only speak for myself but I can say i started noticingresults almost immediately. One of my main concerns was that if i were to quit drinking i was afraid i would not be able to sleep at night. With sobrinex this was not an issu, I sleep through the night and wake up feeling great. I have been using for about 2 weeks now and this is the only relief i have found from beer in 20 years.

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