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Tai nghe Bluetooth Mpow Thor

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Giá tốt nhất Tai nghe Bluetooth Mpow Thor
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Đặt thông báo cho sản phẩm: Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headphones On Ear, 40mm Driver Wireless Headset Foldable with Mic, Wired and Wireless Headphones for Cell Phone/TV/ PC - $46.99


Giá tốt nhất tại: amazon.comAmazon

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Tune Out the World — Dual 40mm large-aperture driver units and CSR chip provide faster transmission speed, lower latency and better audio output. To have better Hi-Fi stereo music experience, please try diverse music genres and volume in sound…

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Last updated on 02/09/2020 5:07 sáng

Price History

Price history for Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headphones On Ear, 40mm Driver Wireless Headset Foldable with Mic, Wired and Wireless Headphones for Cell Phone/TV/ PC
Latest updates:
  • $46.99 - 02/09/2020
  • $29.99 - 29/06/2020
  • $38.99 - 15/05/2020
  • $22.99 - 04/04/2020
Since: 04/04/2020
  • Highest Price: $46.99 - 02/09/2020
  • Lowest Price: $22.99 - 04/04/2020

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Thông số: Tai nghe Bluetooth Mpow Thor






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  1. Noah Beller

    Excellent for the price. They get a little sweaty while working out really hard, but I don’t mind it. They are very secure for me, even when moving around vigorously (haven’t worn them during extreme movement though). Sound quality and volume is great for the price as well. Worked out in them about 40 times so far, they feel real sturdy. Charge lasts a long time as well.

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  2. Just an Amazon Customer

    So far they are great. They arrived on time and where simple to pair. They very nice in person nicer then in videos in my opinion. They feel great and in my opinion they were a great buy. I am not disappointed at all. I will update this review in the next within the next fifteen or so days.–update– (7/26/2017) The headphones still work great and I am overall pleased. I was surprised about the battery life. They lasted me about 4 and a half days before they died (battery ran out of charge) and I use my computer a lot. They feel great. I forgot to mention when I first reviewed this product that I had a little problems with the controls, but I am used to them now. and have no problem. I did have one problem however and that was that they (the headphones) started braking up at some point and I was within five feet of my computer. However, this problem may have been caused by my computer or the Bluetooth adapter in it. I restarted the headphones but I still encountered the problem. So then I unplugged my adapter from my computer and plugged it back in- same problem. I then connected the headphones to my phone and they worked. After this I connected the headphones back to the computer and they started to work again :). This was however a minor problem and for the last 15 days or so I encountered no problem. Plus the problem might not have been caused by the headphones. There is also a minor problem with the user Manuel, but really it wasn’t a problem at all for me. That thing (not really a problem) is that the English in the Manuel has some grammar mistakesNote: The one “real” problem I encountered may make it seem like the range of the headphones is bad, but it really isn’t honestly. I can walk about fifty feet in my home and I still get good reception.–Update– (10-20-2017) They still work fabulously and am really pleased with them. They have also just about payed off for me because before now I always bought wired headphones and somehow, no matter how careful I was. I always managed to break the the wire before the end of the month. The headphones I used to buy each month averaged about $10 each. Since three months have passed and the Mpow Bluetooth headphones cost $25 I saved about $5 already and these headphones still work fabulously. They are much better quality then the average $10 I used to buy and much more convenient.It has been about three months since my original purchase of these headphones on July 13, 2017.–UPDATE (LAST UPDATE UNTIL BROKEN)– It’s been nearly nine months since I have purchased these. They still work fabulously amazing. It is a miracle they are still not broken because as said above I break headphones within a month. So far this saved me from buying nine twenty dollar headphones from Walmart or wherever.—Just an Amazon Customer

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  3. Arlene Regos

    The sound of these headphones was awesome unfortunately I could not wear them for more than 45 minutes at a time. Never did I realize that I could have such sore ears! The pain lasted for hours and I was not even able to sleep on my side. They would work fine if I had the nerve to cut off my ears, unfortunately I’m not a very good artist! More suitable for someone who has ears that are less than one and one quarter inches. ☆UPDATE !☆ Upon return, the company reached out to me and PROMPTLY sent a replacement WITH A NEWER MODEL which has EXCEPTIONAL SOUND EVEN BETTER THAN BOSE & BOHM !!! The FIT AROUND THE EARS IS PERFECT !!!♡PADDING ON TOP OF HEAD IS BETTER THAN BOHM & BOSE !!! Unlike the BOHM, this one DOES NOT FALL OFF A NORMAL SIZE HEAD WHEN YOU PUT HEAD FORWARD OR BACKWARDS !!!! HAS NOT BEEN PLUGGED IN FOR 3 DAYS & BATTERY IS STILL FULLY CHARGED FROM 1st CHARGE ?! Sending this pair to my sister Eva in California & ORDERING A FEW PAIR FOR ALL MY LOVED ONES & MYSELF AS WELL. The email correspondence from this companies representatives were WAY ABOVE WHAT ONE WOULD CONSIDER EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. X♡X

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