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Tai nghe Bluetooth Mpow Jaws V4.1

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Giá tốt nhất Tai nghe Bluetooth Mpow Jaws V4.1
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Đặt thông báo cho sản phẩm: Mpow Jaws Gen-3 Bluetooth Headphones W/Case, Wireless Neckband Headset V4.1, W/Call Vibrate Alert, Built-in Mic, for Cell Phone/Tablets/TV - $26.99


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Newly added convenience-vibratingg call alert & carrying bag: Mpow jaws can vibrate Independently when a phone call comes in. This updated version provides a hard protective carrying bag for your convenient and secure storage. Vibrating call alert can avoid missing incoming calls in case that the…

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Last updated on 04/09/2020 2:19 sáng

Price History

Price history for Mpow Jaws Gen-3 Bluetooth Headphones W/Case, Wireless Neckband Headset V4.1, W/Call Vibrate Alert, Built-in Mic, for Cell Phone/Tablets/TV
Latest updates:
  • $26.99 - 04/09/2020
  • $24.99 - 02/06/2020
  • $26.99 - 30/03/2020
Since: 30/03/2020
  • Highest Price: $26.99 - 30/03/2020
  • Lowest Price: $24.99 - 02/06/2020

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  1. Amber Lukacs

    I bought probably four of these. You may think that’s a bad thing possibly, but I assure you it’s not. I have lost or misplaced 2 of them and the other one my dog chewed. I am now on my fourth one. Even though I have bought four of them it still didn’t break the bank! The price point is spot on. These headphones are easy to work, come with all the options you need, are comfortable to the point you will forget you have them on and built to last. MPOW does an amazing job of bringing you quality at a low price. I wear these almost everyday paired to my smartphone and use it for calls and watching videos and listening to radio on my phone. The quality of sound is amazing and there is no latency problems that I can see. The battery lasts an amazing 13 hours and takes very little time to recharge. It comes with a great case to store your headphones in when not using or for travel and they feel a lot more expensive than what you pay for them. I always come back to these headphones because they are the best bang for your buck. Have no fear when purchasing these headphones for you or anyone else, you or them will enjoy them very much. The shipping was quick as usual through Amazon Prime, so you will be taking calls or listening to music through these headphones and little to no time.

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  2. Gregoryhikertrashvr

    These are in the middle of the road. I’m looking for a pair that work best for talking on the phone when driving. These sound good sometimes and others you sound like a robot or it has static. Mostly it is pretty good. My response from other people is about 5050. Some say I sound fine others not so good. I drive and talk iOn phone all day. Every call means a lot people that can’t hear me get frustrated. I can’t justify 165 for apple earbuds or beats or any like that. Well o will keep searching for now and keep these for an extra set. The magnets that hold the buds in are strong much better than I have seen. The little clip that holds the extra wire up is a joke they popped off immediately. I ped out the electric tape and took care of it.

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  3. C. Demas

    I did want to update my review. The customer service of Mpow is outstanding! They are helpful, concerned and cordial! That is a feature that is so often lost in today’s shopping experience. So I raised my review by a star. I think customer service is very important and is what differentiates one product from another. So if you are on the fence, go with Mpow!After my LGs broke (had them for over 3 years) I needed another headset. I got the Mpow Jaws because the price was so good as compared to LG. But they really aren’t LGs. Even though they are the same size, the design of the Mpow appear larger. I think it is due to the color and design. LG had a blue blinking light that was annoying, and became more annoying at night. Mpow has a nice small steady state green that shows it is on. Mpow has a MUCH further reach than LG. With the LG I could only go about 30 to 50 feet before it would start breaking up. The Mpow I can move 2 rooms away before there is any signal distortion. The LG also picks up all noises in the room or down the hall. Someone can sneeze next to you and the person on the other end wonders if a bomb when off by you.. The Mpow seems to only pick up your voice. The noise around you is not deafening. And finally the ear pieces. Both have magnetic ear pieces that fit into the headset so they don’t dangle. But the LG were easy to connect to the headset. the Mpow ear pieces have to be oriented in the right direction before popping in, so you end up fiddling with them more. The Mpow seems to have stronger magnets but that just makes them stick to everything.The real downside of Mpow is you don’t have much notice of the battery life. LG will tell you when turned on “Battery is Low/Medium/High”. Mpow you don’t know till it is almost out. Once you get the low battery warning you only have a few minutes till it turns off. The other issue is answering an incoming call. There is a very long delay with the Mpow. You hit the button and it is a few seconds before you are actually connected. It causes you to say “hello” three or four times. It is frustrating.Overall the Mpow is good, but some of the cons make me want my LG back. But the price is so much more reasonable with the Mpow that I think I will need to live with the issues.Hope this helps with your decision.

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