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Giày chạy bộ Nike Zoom Fly dành cho nam

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Giá tốt nhất Giày chạy bộ Nike Zoom Fly dành cho nam
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Đặt thông báo cho sản phẩm: NIKE Men's Zoom Fly Running Shoe - $64.70


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Take your run to all new heights with the Nike Zoom Fly. With a dual-density foam midsole, this versatile shoe provides mild support from overpronation, with enough cushioning for daily training or speedwork..

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Giày chạy bộ Nike Zoom Fly dành cho nam
Giày chạy bộ Nike Zoom Fly dành cho nam

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  1. Araceli Ream

    The trend for reviews on the Nike Zoom Fly are that runners tend to either love the shoe or hate it. I’m glad I wasn’t swayed by the negative reviews as I absolutely adore my pair. I average 25-30 miles a week, with a mix of trail runs, and 5 to 10K routes. I like running fast and don’t particularly fixate on the longer events (Half Marathons are my limit). The first time I ran in these shoes, I immediately noticed how they wanted to propel me forward with a solid kick off the toe. I ended up running a 12:55 two mile which was 31 seconds faster than my previous PR. How much of that was mental? How much was the shoe? I can tell you that the shoe was a big part of it. These suckers are feather light but super supportive for my foot and running style. I also found that I was able to run a slower (low 7 minute split) without any problems or stress on the feet. I even would recommend these for speed walkers as they have the same effect on my cool downs.

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  2. Tazee

    This is my second pair. I put 600 miles on my previous pair. They are still in reasonably good shape. I just don’t use them for long runs anymore. But I did wear these in the 2018 Boston Marathon. With all the rain and cold the shoes held up great.

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  3. Chandler Kennedy

    So, I’ve been running half marathons in Vibrams and was very used to no cushion while running. But, I’ve started training for a marathon and found these shoes recommended on a marathon runners site. They were also very affordable (under $100) which is the reason I’ve shied away from sneakers for years. I went on a few test runs (5 miles) and MAN IS THERE A DIFFERENCE. The way the sole is felt like I had a little help being propelled forward with every step. I did have to return the first pair, I ordered too large. But the next pair was in the mail and I had it 2 days later. This pair fits perfectly and snug to my foot (something I really liked about Vibrams). Overall, I’m super happy with my new foray into running shoes.

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