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Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men

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Giá tốt nhất Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men
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Đặt thông báo cho sản phẩm: QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Mens, Elegant Mens Gift Set Includes Beard Oil 60ml,Beard Balm 2.82oz,Wooden Comb, Perfect for Mens,Birthday, Anniversay, Christmas Gift - $17.91


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If you have a long beard, it is very important to take care of it on a regular basis. When the beard loses its care, It will not only affect your appearance, but also give people around you a bad impression. Messy beards can cause many problems, such as acne, beard dandruff and dry skin. QQwow…

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Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men
Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men

Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men Giá tốt nhất

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Thông số: Trọn bộ thuốc mọc râu QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men

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  1. Steven Housden

    Let me start by saying I have a drawer full of oils and balms and I have tried so many I cannot count. I liked the looks of this kit and wanted to get some beard care Christmas gifts this year so I rolled the dice on this one to test it out. I like the idea of it being in a tin…keeps everything nice and tidy. You do get the wooden comb that helps distribute the product fully through your beard. On to the good stuff…The oil first. Apply this first to add much needed oils to your skin as your beard grows it will suck your skin dry..This oil is a cocktail of essential oils. However the Olive is the most predominant smell. There are no added smells in the oils. Just all natural. The balm has a flowery smell to it…not really what I expected but after a few days it has grown on me. Its very dominant…so if you want something that doesn’t over power your cologne then look elsewhere. Put some balm in your in through and over your beard to calm those fly aways and tame it down …conditions the beard as well to keep from getting split ends as your beard gets some growth. Over all I like the product..The smell is “ok” I can wear it but not everyday. The neat tin can is an added bonus and makes for a great gift this Holiday season. For the price I would buy it again. 4 stars from me…I like it…its just my own personal opinion for liking more manly smells in my beard.

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  2. Christina Adams

    It is awesome! I bought it for my husband for Christmas this year. He has never used beard oil or any other beard related product. When buying something I have never bought/used before, I read a ton of reviews on different products. It took me about an hour to decide on this one and I am SO happy I did. My husbands beard looked absolutely amazing after the first use. The smell is great. A neutral smell, not manly or flowery, either. A very fresh and clean smell. I absolutely love it and I am super sensitive to smells. He loves it too. The wood comb felt very good on his beard. I am a little disappointed, however, that the tin box came dinged up – like someone slammed it on the ground.. Of course I am a woman and have more attention to detail than my hubby (he didn’t care) but giving a gift I would like it to look nice and I was hoping he’d be able to keep it for storage and traveling.

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  3. hotro68

    My first time using the product, and after carefully looking at ALOT of different brands and scents, and being reminded by my wife that she is allergic to mint, this has a very pleasant scent and makes my goatee look really nice.

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  4. tryz

    I decided to give this package a try as my stuff was almost gone, so figured, switch it up!The beard oil is great, and the comb feels great!I finished up my old balm, and started using this after a month. It smelled great and looked great! For an hour. However, after about an hour, the balm created massive amounts of “balm flakes” which made it look like a took a glazed doughnut and rubbed it on my beard. I figured, perhaps this was just a one time mistake. Nope. I have used this balm 5 times now, every time, after 30 minutes to an hour, the balm leaves an embarrassing amount of balm flakes, which has rendered it unusable. I get many comments about having stuff in my beard, but it is simply the residue of the balm. I tried to return this, but alas, the time had expired.I am not sure if I am missing something there, but this is the first balm I have ever used to have such a horrible experience. I would love some feedback as to if there is something wrong here, but frankly, I am extremely disappointed. I work in a corporate setting, and simply can not use this balm because of the residue that occurs every time.Suggestions?

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